Aquarium Root Tabs

Fish safe Aquarium plant food also known as root tabs, just place one tab deep into the substrate close to plant roots the root tabs will release vital nutrients to the plants without clouding the water.

1 tab feeds a 15cm square area for up to 6 months. You should plant these tabs under each plant but no more than 2 tabs in a 15cm square area.

You can concentrate the tabs at higher levels if you have a deep substrate which will lock nutrients into the soil without releasing into the water.


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Growtab contains the perfect balance of the 3 key plant growth nutrients as well as 7 other key trace nutrients allowing your plant to really flourish.

Growtab is so well designed that it will allow your plants to grow in completely inert substrate like sand and gravel. Now you can completely do away with compost in your aquarium.

**Copper dosage is low and unlikely to leach into water column to harm fish. But as a precaution avoid using this product in tanks with shrimp.